Name That Robot!

Perhaps you have seen VGo, a teleconferencing robot and recent addition to the Woodruff Library family, rolling around on the library’s main level! Like any welcoming committee for new life, it is this family’s task to name him or her!

The Robert Woodruff Library is currently sponsoring the “Name That Robot!” contest, which will grant students in the Atlanta University Center the opportunity to give the VGo robot a name. As a grand prize, the student who bestows upon Woodruff’s baby bot the name most befitting of its awesomeness and glory (oh, yeah, and a name that encompasses its function too) will receive a $20 print card! The contest will run from September 30- October 14, 2013. All entries must be submitted by noon on the final day.

If you think that you have what it takes to appropriately name VGo, do not hesitate to stop by the Technology Design Studio desk, located on the main level, and submit your proposal.

Just in case you need a little help generating ideas, here is some information about what VGo can do:

• VGo leads virtual library tours and serves as a virtual library ambassador.

• See, hear, and speak to a librarian in the stacks as though he or she is right there with you.

• VGo robotic telepresence is self-contained – no need for a meeting room, TVs, computers, or Skype.