Meet Our New Team Member


Shandra Jones is the newest addition to the E-Learning Technologies team. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Shandra holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She specializes in Media Production with an audio concentration. Solution-oriented, highly analytical, and resourceful, Shandra has a sound knowledge of audio and video production equipment, software, and processes. As a member of the E-Learning Technologies Unit, Shandra is looking forward to sharing her current expertise and expanding her awareness and understanding of other technological fields.  For Shandra, success is derived from talent, passion, and perseverance. In utilizing these attributes, she anticipates personal growth, as well as, an ever evolving future for the E-Learning Technologies Unit.

We Have a Winner!

Earlier this semester, Woodruff Library introduced to the AUC our newest addition, VGo. VGo is a mobile teleconferencing robot that has been used for a variety of purposes by doctors, students, and remote workers, allowing each to communicate from a distant location.

During the first half of fall semester, the AUC Woodruff Library hosted the “Name that Robot” contest. This contest was developed in an effort to rename VGo. Well, we are pleased to announce that a selection has been made! After submitting the name “Sparkmore,” Christina Stanley, biology major at Spelman College was selected and crowned winner.

Pictured from left to right Ann'Drea Burns, Esther Olayinka, Christina Stanley, Emy Decker, Keith Freeman, Oscar Daniel
Name that Robot contest winner!

Being that Sparkmore’s (the robot formerly known as VGo) intended purpose is to enhance the student library experience, the name bestowed upon the robot needed to reflect that purpose. What, you may ask, is the reason behind Christina’s name suggestion? She felt that merging the names of AUC institutions would further emphasize each school’s belief in inclusion. Here, at Woodruff Library, we are all about ensuring that no student feels excluded. If you happen to see Christina Stanley around campus, be sure to congratulate her on a name well chosen!

Christmas, E-Byte Style

1.Place Cards:

Add a creative touch to your holiday table by designing place cards for your dinner guest.

2.Holiday SlideShow:

Have you captured special moments throughout the year? Give the gift of  memories to family and friends by creating a slide show. Add a festive touch by accompanying the slide show with your favorite Christmas carol.

3.Personalized Christmas Cards:

Creat Christmas cards with your personal touch using Photoshop and Illustrator. Personalize them by including a picture of you and the recipient. Photoshop and Illustrator are also wonderful tools when creating shapes and illustrious backgrounds. Here’s a link to our favorite Christmas card template created by Phonuts.  Click Here.

4.Festive Desktop Wallpaper:

There’s no need to stare at a generic desktop all day. Use Photoshop to design your own holiday wallpaper and bring your desk to life!   Add pictures of family and friends—or your favorite pet. NoteCreating a desktop wallpaper of your family and friends is a great way to keep them close without cluttering your desk.  Start with this rockin’ red wallpaper.

5.Unique Decorations:

Differentiate yourself from others with classic DIY decorations. Our favorite this year is the Christmas wreath.  Click here