Fashion Design in the AUC Woodruff Library

The Technology Design Studio (TDS) is frequented by students with ambition and stellar work ethic. Clark Atlanta University seniors, Jasmine Cungious and Tamara Bennet are examples of how our students take advantage of the software available in the TDS area. A member of the team sat down with the Fashion Design majors for a brief Q&A.

Clark Atlanta University seniors, Jasmine and Tamara working in the Technology Design Studio.
Jasmine Cungious (left) and Tamara Bennet (right) working in the Technology Design Studio.

How did you learn about the resources available in the Technology Design Studio?

Jasmine: I just saw the Mac computers and noticed we had all the utilities on there.

Tamara: Same here. Our department offers Mac computers where they have these programs on it, but after hours  we come here and use the computers.

What are you working on and which applications do you use?

Tamara: Right now we’re working on a Fashion CAD project. Basically, we’re creating flats of designs that we have sketched out on our own. We have to work with it in Photoshop and Illustrator and make it come to life. You put color in it, patterns in it. You just make it look real, you know?

Jasmine: It’s a version of it lying down almost, rather than it on a figure. After this we’ll go in and mark how many inches it would be to the collar and neckline. This would be a spec sheet that someone takes to actually create it at a warehouse.

What are your plans post-graduation?

Tamara: I want to work with men’s wear and work with a company called Suit Supply. I want to work here for a while and possibly transfer to LA. They work with men’s tailoring and men’s suits, and I’m obsessed with all of that!

Jasmine: I’ll probably go to graduate school at SCAD.

The Technology Design Studio lab is open during regular library hours and currently has the Adobe CC master collection. All applications are available to students, faculty, and staff with a remote access account. ELT wishes Jasmine and Tamara much success on their future endeavors. Who knows, maybe the world will wear a design created right here in the Technology Design Studio.

The Adobe Creative Suite in the Library … did you know?

TDS1 TDS2              

If you are a student, faculty member, staff member, or administrator in the AUC you can come to your AUC Woodruff Library to use the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. The complete Suite is installed on twelve 27″ iMac workstations located in the Technology Design Studio on the main level.

We also have Wacom Intuos Pen Touch tablets available to assist you in using the applications. The staff has observed users producing some amazing projects using the software. From simple flyers to exotic flyers, from stick figures to elaborated characters.

  • students using the Technology Design Studio Adobe Creative Suite to add finishing touches on a campaign promotion (left) and designing from a blank canvas to an amazing character