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This kit uses your smartphone as the brains of a “pro-level” camera

We’ve seen lots of different lens systems in recent years that promise to turn your smartphone into a better camera. Now one company is taking that further with a system that transforms your average smartphone into a professional-looking camera.

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Source: This kit uses your smartphone as the brains of a “pro-level” camera

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So, who’s next?

Has your building project come to a halt while you searched tirelessly for a missing part?  Jewel Burks and Jason Crain, a graduate of Morehouse College, may have the answer.  Burk’s grandfather whom she endearingly refers to as “Papa Bill” came to her with this problem and she has since been passionate about finding a resolution.  Her answer? Partpic: a technology that uses visual search to identify and order replacement parts.


Co-founders Jewel Burks and  Jason Crain Photo Credit:

Based in Atlanta, Partpic’s owners have participated in a number of tech competitions, raised over $1.5 million, demonstrated their technology for President Barack Obama’s White House Demo Day, and have recently been featured on Forbes 30 under 30.

Burks closed a recent presentation at Platform Summit with an impactful question, “So, who’s next?”

Within the Technology Design Studio we are committed to supply the tools for “the next.” Whether you have aspirations to be a leader in technology or design our resources are available to foster your creativity. So, who’s next?

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