Personal Cloud Storage

You have heard of Dropbox, Google Drive, or some form of cloud storage service by now. Now there are personal cloud devices, with unlimited free storage!  Videographers, photographers, graphic artists, music programmers and producers can now backup their large project files and raw footage on cloud storage devices.  Essentially technology has provided us with the affordable ability to have a personal network attached storage (NAS) device on which to store and/or backup files. Some examples are: Western Digital’s My Book Live, the LaCie CloudBox and D-Link’s ShareCenter 2-Bay Cloud Storage 2000.

Connect remotely, locally, or through video game consoles (depending on your hardware).  Share files through a secured link. Obtain remote access via mobile apps across platforms. When considering your purchase, make sure the hardware you’re purchasing is compatible with the operating systems of your other devices.

*Remember to always keep a backup of your backup.

Pros of personal cloud storage:

  • No longer solely dependent on public cloud servers like Amazon and Google.
  • Greater privacy and security
  • Wifi connectivity for seamless content sharing



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We Have a Winner!

Earlier this semester, Woodruff Library introduced to the AUC our newest addition, VGo. VGo is a mobile teleconferencing robot that has been used for a variety of purposes by doctors, students, and remote workers, allowing each to communicate from a distant location.

During the first half of fall semester, the AUC Woodruff Library hosted the “Name that Robot” contest. This contest was developed in an effort to rename VGo. Well, we are pleased to announce that a selection has been made! After submitting the name “Sparkmore,” Christina Stanley, biology major at Spelman College was selected and crowned winner.

Pictured from left to right Ann'Drea Burns, Esther Olayinka, Christina Stanley, Emy Decker, Keith Freeman, Oscar Daniel
Name that Robot contest winner!

Being that Sparkmore’s (the robot formerly known as VGo) intended purpose is to enhance the student library experience, the name bestowed upon the robot needed to reflect that purpose. What, you may ask, is the reason behind Christina’s name suggestion? She felt that merging the names of AUC institutions would further emphasize each school’s belief in inclusion. Here, at Woodruff Library, we are all about ensuring that no student feels excluded. If you happen to see Christina Stanley around campus, be sure to congratulate her on a name well chosen!

Meet Our Intern – Keith

Keith - CITT Intern
Keith – CITT Intern

Meet Keith.
He’s one of the Library’s new Center for Integrating Teaching & Technologies interns. Keith will work closely with the E-Learning Technologies unit in the Technology Design Studio.

School: Morehouse College
Classification:  Junior
Major: English
Home State: Georgia

What does E-Learning Technologies mean to you? E-Learning Technologies means using technology to easily disseminate information and facilitate a more enhanced learning experience.
What made you interested in working for the library? Libraries have always appealed to the inner nerd in me. Growing up, you could not catch me without a book in my hand. The idea of having all that information at my fingertips is one that excited me greatly, and it still does.
What do you read? During the school year – textbooks, textbooks, textbooks! For leisure, however, I am drawn to all things fiction. I also enjoy reading the work of great minds like Malcolm Gladwell, whose writing makes mundane items like ketchup and vegetable choppers sound exciting.
What do you think of our robot? I think VGo is a cool little fellow/lady with a lot of potential. It will be interesting to see in what capacity he/she will serve this library and its users this school year.

Woodruff Library is pleased to welcome Keith to our staff and excited for his work within the E-Learning Technologies unit.

Meet Our Intern – Moji

Meet Moji.CZ8A2394
She’s a new intern with the Library’s Center for Integrating Teaching & Technologies. Moji will work closely with the E-Learning Technologies unit in the Technology Design Studio. She will work on the Library’s new robot (detailed here) and help us experiment with it.
School: Clark Atlanta University
Classification:  Junior
Major: Mass Media
Home State: California
What does E-Learning Technologies mean to you? It seems simple enough – it means using technology to learn. I think e-learning is about using technology to make learning easier.
What made you interested in working for the library? I like using libraries and I think they are at a cross-road. Woodruff Library is not all about books, but it’s not about being a glorified computer lab, either. It’s fun watching the library evolve and, now, I get to be part of that. Plus, working in the midst of my campus while I’m in school will be really convenient. I feel very lucky.
What do you read? Best-sellers, African-American fiction
What do you think of our robot? It looks really cool. I’m excited to see what we do with it. The first order of business is to rename it, because right now we’re working with “Bro-bot”. Something’s gotta change.

Woodruff Library is pleased to welcome Moji to our staff and excited for her work on the robot and at the Technology Design Studio desk.