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How To Unplug (Updated)

Based off of an essay by Tristan Harris:

“How Technology is Hijacking Your Mind — from a Magician and Google Design Ethicist”


Download slides here

Additional reading from Ian Leslie:

“Why it’s vital to switch that podcast off occasionally and let yourself get bored”


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FACULTY/ RAQ – Story-boarding Apps

A few days ago, Emy, our unit head received an intriguing query: what do we know about story-boarding apps?

storyboardingOne of our faculty participants for the library’s grant-funding Center for Integrating Teaching and Technology (CITT, for short) has a cool idea. She wants to have her students give a visual report using a digital storyboard when they present research projects to her class.  She doesn’t want them to use PowerPoint.  The faculty member wanted help finding storyboard software or applications that meet two criteria: they must be free and must be easy-to-use. The vision is that students will find the story-boarding app user-friendly.

We didn’t know of any apps for story-boarding off the top of our heads, but we did some Internet digging and came up with some options for the faculty member to research. (Legalese time: The resources listed below do not imply an endorsement. We haven’t  tested or studied the feasibility of these tools.)

Check out these resources and do your own assessment. If you find something you like, let us know.

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Mobile Room Reservations

Options – there’s nothing wrong with having them and we’re here to give you a few!

In accordance to the mission of Robert W. Woodruff Library—to provide the highest level of services to support learning—a new method of reserving group study rooms is now available. We’re pleased to announced mobile room reservations, which are built-in to the virtual system we use (detailed in this post).

Virtual Room Reservations Home Screen (pictured on Android device)

Virtual Room Reservations Home Screen (pictured on Android device)

The link to reserve a room can be found on the library’s home page allowing students and faculty to conveniently make reservations on their personal computer and their mobile devices. That’s right – using the mobile version of the website, students and faculty are able to reserve a room and send a quick text to their group, all on the same device.

For those unfamiliar with the setup, E-Learning Technologies has posted a guide, “Booking a Room with a Mobile Device” on the Technology Design Studio LibGuide (an online resource that details what the Technology Design Studio offers, and also provides helpful tutorials regarding proper usage).

No more racing to the help desk to reserve your room during finals; simply reserve a room on your laptop or mobile device at your leisure. The room reservations page works on iOS and Android devices, as well as any web browser.

For further assistance, ask or call the Technology Design Studio desk at (404) 978-2010. It would be our pleasure to assist you!

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